Anton Slavanski
Anton Slavanski
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Piano teacher (likely retired)

"My grandfather Anton, all the way from Odessa. He taught the Tsar before the revolution."
Josef Slavanski introducing his grandfather

Anton Slavanski is a blind, Russian piano teacher. He was invited to Black Books by his grandson, Josef, to hear a rendition of piano music by who he thought was Fran Katzenjammer, but was actually Manny Bianco.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Anton was played by the late George Miller.
  • Anton was living in Odessa, Ukraine, in 2001.
  • Josef states that Anton taught the Tsar before the revolution. This Tsar is likely to be Tsar Nicholas II, who was abdicted after the Febuary Revolution in 1917. This means that Anton was teaching piano since at least 1917, so it is certain that he was over 85 during his visit to Black Books.

Etymology Edit

  • Anton is a masculine given name of German and Slavic origin. It is a variant of Anthony and roughly translates to 'highly praiseworthy'.
  • Slavanski may be a reference to Josip Štolcer-Slavenski, a Croatian composer and professor at the Music Academy in Belgrade.

Appearances Edit

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