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Martin is an experienced gambler and loan shark.

Biography Edit

Martin met Bernard Black in a bookmakers around the time of the Grand National, 2004. After correctly advising Bernard to bet on a horse, Bernard begins to trust Martin and is invited to a big-money poker game, despite not knowing how to play. Martin tells Bernard to show him his cards during the game and Martin would tell him what to do. Despite this, Bernard lost all the money he had. It is likely that Martin used Bernard to his advantage and told him to bet when he shouldn't have.

Martin then convinced Bernard to borrrow £10 000 from him. After another poker game, Bernard had lost all £10 000 and Martin began demanding £10 000 plus 100% interest, or Bernard's shop, or his legs. Bernard was saved by his friends, Fran Katzenjammer and Manny Bianco, when they won £20 000 by cheating in another one of Martin's poker games posing as American tourists. After Bernard gave Martin the £20 000, their paths never crossed again.

Etymology Edit

  • Martin is a masculine given name of German origin, and translates to 'dedicated to Mars'.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Martin was played by actor Craig Parkinson.

Apperances Edit

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