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Nick Voleur was the accountant of Bernard Black who was forced to flee from police in 2000 for unknown reasons. After a short meeting with Bernard in his office, Voleur recieved a warning from his secretary that the police were on their way, and just made it out of the window before the police burst in. He was pursed by the police, however, it is unknown what happened to him after this point.

It is unknown what crimes Voleur has commited, however, judging by his name etmology, it is likely that he is a thief.

Etymology Edit

  • Nick is a masculine given name of Greek origin, and translates to 'victory of the people'. However, seeing as Voleur is a criminal, his first name is probably a reference to the British slang word for 'to steal'.
  • Voleur is the French word for 'thief'.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Voleur was portrayed by British actor and comedian, Tony Bluto.
  • Voleur is loosely based on Dylan Moran's former accountant, who was interupted during a session with another client by moneylenders who demanded he pay back his loans.

Appearances Edit

Notes and references Edit

  1. Code name given to him by police

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