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"The Pope, who really is a lovely, lovely man, made the whole thing go away'"
Freddie on the Pope's work to cover up a cardinal's fight with Sofia Loren

The pope is a title given to the Bishop of Rome, and as such, the leader of Catholcism worldwide. In 2000, the Pope was poisoned by a wine created by Bernard Black and Manny Bianco, after Freddie had allowed them to house-sit for him. While house-sitting, Bernard and Manny accidently drank a wine worth £7000 which was going to be presented to the Pope, and decided to remake it with the help of a wine book.

Despite managing to create a wine-like liquid, the drink turned out to be poisonous and the Pope was killed, with Freddie being held responsible.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The Pope is never named, but since the episode is set in 2000, the Pope is most likely John Paul II. However, John Paul II died in 2005 of old age, not by wine poisoning.

Appearances Edit

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