Saga Books
Location information

Bloomsbury, London

Opened in

Before or during 2001



  • Books
  • Coffee
"I went to get paint and I went to that big bookshop, Saga Books. They had coffee and places to sit. I thought we need to be more like them. I walked in and I instantly bought £114 worth of books, all because it was so nice in there."
Manny Bianco

Saga Books is a four-storey bookstore located in Bloomsbury, London. It uses a clever use of strategically placed signs to slowly guide customers towards the entrance. It is quite popular, serving coffee and providing comfortable seating areas.

In 2001, Manny Bianco entered the shop, and in a matter of seconds walked out carrying an enourmous muffin, a cup of coffee and £114 of books. This inspired him to renovate Black Books, the bookshop he works in.

Etymology Edit

  • Saga Books is a publishing firm in Canada.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The exterior shots for Saga Books were filmed outside Waterstone's Bookshop, Gower Street, Bloomsbury, London [1].

Appearances Edit

Notes and references Edit

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